Hello to Capturing Wonderful Adventures

“…I knew when I saw you, an adventure was going to happen”


Back in November of 2016, two months after sneaking off to get married in South Africa, we relocated from Tanzania to the UK and moved onto our little (40ft) narrowboat, somewhat appropriately named “Best Current Thinking.”

At the time, with great enthusiasm, we said we would start a blog to capture the plentiful stories we knew would emerge as a result of this slightly ‘off piste’ life choice… But the months got away from us and before we knew it we were well and truly in the thick of our second winter on board, there was no blog in sight, but plenty of tales were mounting!

So, in the spirit of “Better late than never”, we have finally set up this site with the goal of capturing our various antics from now on, sharing some reflections on times gone by and showcasing our very best photographs from this adventure called life.

In much the same way that most new years resolution gym-goers pay membership as a sort of ‘forcing mechanism’ for attendance, we too are working on the proviso that since we are paying to host this site we will be spurred on to use it every time we see the monthly direct debit disappear from our account… Long may the prospect of our guilt spur us on to blogging, photographing, editing and uploading!

Words of encouragement, questions and friendly comments will be greatly received.

To our family and friends spread throughout the world, we hope this complements our (sometimes intermittent) emails and assorted social media posts… and to anyone new who stumbles across us, we hope you find some inspiration for your own life adventure by taking a little peek into ours.

Safe & happy travels,

Jane & Justyn